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Leisure Link is a weekly programme of fun social events based in Herefordshire, using local venues in Ross-on-wye from walks to evening meals and everything in-between We offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone’s interests, These events are planned by those that attend with a new event planner every 3 months so there’s really always something for everyone and new ideas are always welcome.

Leisure link is open to all wishing to meet new friends, socialize and have fun, Leisure link was originally set up to integrate people with learning disabilities into the community, however it soon became popular for a variety of reasons, by those may also find it difficult to access other social networks and those who wanted to enjoy the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Leisure Link.

We have received a lot of support from local business, groups and volunteers who help provide activities adding to the range of activities and people at the events. If you would like to be a part of Leisure Link can sport us with Activities, or you are looking to get out and meet new people, please do get in touch and find out more, via Facebook, email or calling.


Telephone: 01989 763388



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