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The Sir Grow-A-Lot project is located at the Model Farm, Hildersley; within easy walking distance of Ross-on-Wye.  The land at Model Farm has been used to organically farm live stock for a number of years, and 5.5 acres of Organic Farmer and Grower certified land will be leased from the farmer for the Sir Grow-A-Lot project.  This land includes a small, established, area of orchard and a patch where a Community Cabin is to be sited.

The aim of Sir Grow-A-Lot is to give the people of Ross-on-Wye the opportunity to grow food and share the harvest.  People either hire a strip of land to grow their own produce for personal use and enterprise; or will contribute their time to a trainee strip where, after covering costs, surplus produce will be exchanged with the volunteers for their time.

The Sir Grow-A-Lot Community Co-ordinator will manage the membership, visits and open days, as linked to the growing seasons, educational visits will be offered to schools and colleges, as well as celebration days for local people.

The Sir Grow-A-Lot Land Steward will support disadvantaged groups of people, who will benefit through training opportunities and the redistribution of surplus produce which will be swapped for their time.  In addition to a reduction in their food bills, it is hoped that the skills they acquire will remain with them and improve their health.


Telephone: 01989 763388


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